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Family Resource Guide

Welcome to the Family Resource Guide, designed especially for parents.  Here you will find access to all of the resources you need to ensure that your son’s visit to Rotary Scout Reservation is a memorable success.  If you do not see something that you are looking for, please contact Brian Murray, Camp Director, at

Family Night BBQ

Every Wednesday night during RSR Summer Camp is Family Night and you’re invited!  Join us as we celebrate BSA’s Centennial Anniversary with a birthday party one hundred years in the making.  For all the details, including updated ticket prices, please visit our Family Night BBQ page.

Council Camperships Available

Camperships to attend Summer Camp at RSR are available to Scouts who have demonstrated financial need.  Camperships may be used to cover a portion of the Scout’s fee to attend camp, frequently in conjunction with other fundraising opportunities.  To apply for a Twin Rivers Council Campership, please submit the following application to the Council Service Center by April 1st.

Download the Council Campership form here: 2019 Campership Application.pdf

Scouts Love Mail:

Scout’s Name

Troop # and/or Campsite

Rotary Scout Reservation

279 Davitt Lake Road

Averill Park, NY 12018

Phone: (518) 283-4794

Fax: (518) 286-2374

What To Bring To Camp

Unsure what your Scout needs for a week of camp?  We’ve compiled a handy list of suggested items most Scouts need.  Individual needs may vary. 

Download the suggested Summer Camp Packing List here: Camper Packing List.pdf

Please remember that while all campers are expected to behave in a Scout-like manner, the Camp is not responsible for valuables lost or stolen while at camp.  Also consider that electronic devices may be affected by heat and humidity while at camp.

Contacting Your Scout At Camp

Every Scout enjoys receiving letters or care packages from home while at camp.  Incoming mail arrives at the Camp Office, where it is then given to Scoutmasters for distribution to the boys.  Mail to camp should be sent at least three days in advance to ensure that it arrives while the Scout is still at camp.

To help prevent homesickness, it is important for parents to refrain from comments such as “We miss you very much,” “it’s lonely without you,” etc.  This is especially true for our first year campers. 

Camp Mailing Address:

Scout’s Name

Troop # and/or Campsite

Rotary Scout Reservation

279 Davitt Lake Road

Averill Park, NY 12018

Phone: (518) 283-4794

Fax: (518) 286-2374

All phone messages will be placed in the troop mailbox for leader pickup.  Emergency messages will be delivered immediately.  Please indicate clearly that a message is an emergency. 

Camp Cell Phone Policy

While the camp does not officially prohibit the use of cell phones by Scouts, we do support and encourage troops to adopt such a policy while at Summer Camp.  The use of cell phones and other electronic equipment can distract a Scout from the numerous outdoor program opportunities available to him at camp. 

The use of cell phones by Scouts may also encourage homesickness and allows a Scout to circumvent the responsible unit and camp leadership when upset.  The Camp Staff is trained in how to support the troop leadership when dealing with cases of homesickness, but can do so only when informed before a parent arrives to take the boy home.  The camp phone is always available for any Scout who wishes to call home (with the approval of his Scoutmaster), and many Scoutmasters are happy to allow Scouts to use their personal cell phones when needed to contact home.   

Camper Release Form

If your son needs to leave camp at any point during the week, such as for a baseball game or doctor’s appointment, it is important that the troop and camp leadership be made aware of his departure and any plans for his return.  This is especially true if someone other than the Scout’s parents will be picking him up.  If you plan to remove your Scout from camp, you must complete a Camper Release Form, which the Scoutmaster must sign, and submit the form at the Camp Office when signing the Scout out.  It is best to do this ahead of time, in case the Scoutmaster is unavailable to sign the form when you arrive.

Positive ID may be required of anyone removing a Scout from camp.

Download the Camper Release Form here: Camper Release Form.pdf

The Rotary Scout Reservation Camp Planning Guide for 2018 is now available for download.  The Camp Planning Guide features information for parents and unit leaders regarding campsite registration, camp policies and guidelines, and health and safety procedures.

Download the Camp Planning Guide here: RSR Summer Camp Planning Guide 2019.pdf

For the latest information on camp fees, campsite availability, please visit our Registration page.

2019 Camp Planning Guide Available

Annual Health and Medical Record

BSA has released the newest update to the BSA Health and Medical Record.  Please distribute the new form to all camp participants, including adult leaders who will be staying at camp.  This form is mandatory for camp participants and must be completed by a licensed health care provider. 

To learn what you need to know about the new Health Form, and to download your copy today, please visit our Health & Safety Information page.

Twin Rivers Council, BSA

Multi-Week Discount Available

Have you already had a great time at camp and don’t want to wait until next year to experience the fun and excitement again?  Why wait?  Grab a friend and come see us again this year! 

RSR offers six weeks of summer camp program.  Provisional camping is available for Scouts who would like to attend camp without their troop.  Provisional Scouts will be adopted by a host troop for the week.

Best of all there is a multi-week discount available to any Scout who has already paid for one week of summer camp at Rotary Scout Reservation or Camp Wakpominee this year.  The discounted multi-week fee is just $250.

Register for provisional camping online at

Provisional Registration Available Online Now!

Do you want to spend a second (or third) week at camp?  Do you want to go to camp but can’t do it the week your troop is attending?  Join us for provisional camping! 

All provisional Scouts will camp with existing units selected by the camp administration.  Bring a friend or friends and you will be placed together.

If you have already registered for a week of summer camp at Rotary Scout Reservation or Camp Wakpominee this summer and are coming back for more fun, you are eligible for the discounted Second Week Rate of just $250.  Best of all, registration is now available online.  Just follow the links below to sign up today!

Online Provisional Registration

Week 1    June 30 - July 6, 2019

Week 2    July 7 - 14, 2019

Week 3    July 14 - 20, 2019

Week 4    July 21 - July 27, 2019

Week 5    July 28 - August 3, 2019

Week 6    August 4 - 10, 2019 (STEM Week)

Merit Badge Prerequisites

The merit badge program at RSR is specifically designed to reflect the outdoor experience of camp.  As a result, nearly all merit badges offered may be completed entirely at camp.  In some cases, however, a requirement may be more easily or necessarily completed at home.  In such cases the Scout is asked to bring evidence of completion for review by his merit badge counselor. 

The 2019 Merit Badge Prerequisites list may be found 2019 Merit Badge Pre-requisites.pdf.

Unit leaders are asked to confirm completion of merit badge prerequisites using our Verification Form.

Program Schedule 2019

Summer camp at Rotary Scout Reservation offers Scouts a fun and exciting program filled with great adventures and advancement opportunities!  Our trained counselors offer 45 merit badges, several BSA activity awards, and program training courses.

The daily program schedule, including merit badge age recommendations, is available 2019 Daily Program Schedule.pdf.

In addition, RSR is pleased to once again offer our popular STEM Week program (August 4-10, 2019).  Information regarding this year’s STEM merit badges will be released soon!